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    This must be a bit of some sort. Even the razor he "uses" is a joke. Like JT, I would not put that blade on my skin.

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    FW Engels "Rainbow" Temper Toned 7 day set ?

    When you look at other Engels razor that are hollowed they all have a double stabilizer, these dont. If oil caused this issue howcome we dont see it on

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    Sun January 24th - Sat January 31st

    A yellow shave
    DD Goldedge, Mike's Barbershop, WD synthetic, Pinaud's

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    That 1700's Show

    oooo come on , we gotta get these pics up .. it took to long to see the razor !!! ...lol...

    very nice , getting ready to shave with one i

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    Yup you have to get that angle right on the chin! (sorry my sarcasm font isn't working) Great link too. The razor is looking pretty top notch too, it

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    The Superior Shave?

    I bought two razors from him. First one came with a spot of rust. I called him and he never argued at all. He just said what do you want to do. I said

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