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    Naniwa 12k, thick or thin ?

    I contemplated this when I bought my 8k and 12k. My thinking went along the lines of 'What is the likely hood of actually using up the stone in my lifetime?'

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    Shaving Scuttle Design

    Hmm, that'd be interesting ... a palm sized one probably wouldn't hold much water but if heated might be ok
    I'll speak to the missus about that

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    My humble SR 'collection'

    A bit like the difference between a gourmet and gourmand.

    "The noun gourmand refers to someone who is extremely (and often excessively)

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    Sun June 28th - Sat July 04th

    6/8 Spencer Hibbard & Bartlett OVB
    Acca Kappa
    homemade box elder burl 2 band
    I like this blade. It gets a nice tacky edge to it.

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    NTS razors?

    Hey Bren, I forgot about this but The Superior Shave sells these razors. I was reminded because the owner apparently saw this thread and posted about

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    Little Jurri, big sister Tarto and the little brownie is Rasmus, new puppy that our daughter just got. Damn difficult to take pics of all those three

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